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University of Leeds Speleological Association (ULSA)

Published Surveys - North of England

Explorations Journal 1969

ULSA J69 Barghs Cave Full
ULSA J69 Black Shiver Pot (Elevation) Full
ULSA J69 Black Shiver Pot Full
ULSA J69 Car Pot - North Craven Passage Full
ULSA J69 Gregareth - Caves and Hydrology Full
ULSA J69 Keld Bank Caves Full
ULSA J69 Magnetometer - Tank Pot
ULSA J69 Marble Sink and Pot (Elevation) Full
ULSA J69 Marble Sink and Pot Full
ULSA J69 Meregill and Little Meregill Full
ULSA J69 Notts Pot Full
ULSA J69 Short Drop Cave Full
ULSA J69 Southerscales Pot Full
ULSA J69 Sweetwater Hole Full
ULSA J69 Whirley Gill Pot Full

Explorations Journal 1989

ULSA J89 Aygill Caverns - Pre Cambrian Series Full
ULSA J89 Easegill Caverns - Mayday Series Full
ULSA J89 Echo Pot Full
ULSA J89 Ftfagos Pot Full
ULSA J89 Gaping Gill - The Far Country Full
ULSA J89 Kirk Bank Cave Full
ULSA J89 Lancliffe Pot Full
ULSA J89 Magnetometer Pot - Pendant Passage
ULSA J89 Mossdale Caverns Full
ULSA J89 Nick Pot and Hangmans Hole Full
ULSA J89 Penyghent Pot - Area Map
ULSA J89 Penyghent Pot - Living Dead Extensions
ULSA J89 Penyghent Pot
ULSA J89 Pippikin Pot - The Crumbles Full
ULSA J89 Selside Pot
ULSA J89 Sleets Gill Cave Full
ULSA J89 Snatcher Pot - Sninkle Sninkle Passage Full
ULSA J89 White Scar Cave - Sleepwalker Series Full
ULSA J89 White Scar Cave - Wet Dream Extensions Full

News Sheets

ULSA NS7(May66) Southerscales Pot Full
ULSA NS8(Jul66) Dale Barn Extension Full
ULSA NS9(Nov66) Langstroth Cave Full
ULSA NS9(Nov66) Spring Trap Cave - Wharfedale Full

Record 1

ULSA R1 Juniper Gulf Full
ULSA R1 Notts Pot Full
ULSA R1 West Side Pot Full

Record 2

ULSA R2 Black Shiver Pot Full
ULSA R2 Grassington High Moor Lead Mines Full
ULSA R2 Tatham Wife Hole

Record 3

ULSA R3 Gaping Gill - Far Country Full
ULSA R3 Gaping Gill - Whitsun Series Full
ULSA R3 Ireshopeburn Caves - Weardale Full

Record 4

ULSA R4 Cote Gill Pot Full
ULSA R4 Sleets Gills - 68 Series Full

Record 5

ULSA R5 Goldscope Copper Adit Full
ULSA R5 Lancliffe Pot - Geology Full
ULSA R5 Lancliffe Pot - Hammerdale Dub Full
ULSA R5 Lancliffe Pot Full
ULSA R5 Scar Crag Cobalt Mine Full

Record 6

ULSA R6 Alum Pot Area Full
ULSA R6 Fell Close Caves Full
ULSA R6 Hangmans Hole Full
ULSA R6 The Mohole Full

Record 7

ULSA R7 White Scar Cave Full
ULSA R7 White Scar Inlet Full

Record 8

ULSA R8 Hurnel Moss Pot Full
ULSA R8 Lancliffe Pot - Gassons Series Full
ULSA R8 Lancliffe Pot Full
ULSA R8 New Goyden Sump Full
ULSA R8 Penyghent Long Churn - Escape Route Full

Record 9

ULSA R9 Pippikin Pot - Ratbag Area Full
ULSA R9 Pippikin Pot and Stake Pot Series Full

Record 10

ULSA R10 Ayegill Caverns - Precambrian Series Full
ULSA R10 Penyghent Pot Blind Pot Series
ULSA R10 Rigg Head Mine Full
ULSA R10 Waterfall Cave (Penyghent Gill) Full

Record 11

ULSA R11 Langcliffe Pot - 1972 Extension Full
ULSA R11 Nick Pot Full
ULSA R11 Selside Pot
ULSA R11 Sleets Gill - Hyperthermia Series Full
ULSA R11 Tatham Wife - FDS Series

Record 12

ULSA R12 Lolly Scar Lead Mine (Nidderdale) Full
ULSA R12 Magnetometer Pot - Labour Exchange

Record 13

ULSA R13 Echo Pot Full
ULSA R13 Gillfield Level - Greenhow Full
ULSA R13 New Goyden Pot Full
ULSA R13 White Scar Cave - Battlefield Area Full

Record 14

ULSA R14 Ftfagos Pot Full
ULSA R14 High Hull Cave Full
ULSA R14 KMC - Cascade Inlet - Victoria Extension
ULSA R14 Spittle Croft Cave Full
ULSA R14 White Scar Cave - Strategy Aven Full

Record 15

ULSA R15 Car Pot Full
ULSA R15 Easegill Caverns - Mayday Series Full
ULSA R15 Easegill Caverns 1979 Full
ULSA R15 Magnetometer Pot - Pendant Passage
ULSA R15 Magnetometer Pot
ULSA R15 October Hole Full
ULSA R15 Upper Kingsdale Area Map Full

Record 16

ULSA R16 Cramp Cave Full
ULSA R16 Penyghent Pot - 1986
ULSA R16 Penyghent Pot - Friday 13th Series

Surveys Published Separately (Available to buy from ULSA)

ULSA 1975 Dowkabottom Cave
ULSA 1976 West Kingsdale
ULSA 1977 Alum Pot System
ULSA 1977 Ibbeth Peril
ULSA 1978 Ireby Fell Cavern
ULSA 1978 Magnetometer Pot
ULSA 1983 Tatham Wife Hole
ULSA 1984 Marble Steps Pot
ULSA 1989 Penyghent Pot

Surveys Published Separately (Out of print)

ULSA 1967 The West Kingsdale System
ULSA 1983 Quaking Pot Full
ULSA Juniper Gulf Full
ULSA Sunset Hole - Prelim (1964) Full
ULSA 1966 Runscar Caves Full
ULSA Scoska Cave Full
ULSA 1971 Rigg Pot - Great Whernside Full
ULSA 1972 Gill House Pot - Great Whernside Full
ULSA 1964 Cuddy Gill Cave - Ribblehead Full
ULSA 1966 Stream Passage Pot Full
ULSA 1967 Sell Gill Holes
ULSA 1964 Spectacle Pot Full

Surveys Published Separately (not yet seen)

Sleets Gill Cave and Dowkabottom Cave

Slasher Hole

Pikedaw Calamine Caverns?

Other Surveys (Unknown Publication)

ULSA XXXX Goyden Pot (Prelim) Full
ULSA XXXX Goyden Pot (modified) Full
ULSA 1964 Quaking Pot Full
ULSA 1966 Bull Pot - Kingsdale Full
ULSA 1966 Kirk Bank Cave Full
ULSA XXXX Juniper Gulf Full
ULSA 1966 Ibbeth Peril Cave Full
ULSA XXXX Green Ridge Caves Full
ULSA XXXX Hallam Moss Cave and Sweetwater Hole Full
ULSA XXXX Meregill Hole Full
ULSA XXXX Mossdale Full
ULSA XXXX Roaring Hole Full
ULSA XXXX Rumbling Hole Full
ULSA XXXX Sunset Hole Full
ULSA XXXX Langcliffe Pot Full
ULSA XXXX Nemesis Full

Unpublished Surveys (not yet seen)

Caves of Attermire Scar

J.H.S. Cave (Chapel-le-dale)

Great Douk - Middle Washfold

Heron Pot?

Twin Bottom Scar (Pikedaw)

Long Kin East Pot

Long Kin Cave

Rift Pot

Manchester Hole

O.B.J Pot

Frustration Pot

Hooker Gill Hole (Swaledale)

Swarth Gill Level