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Birmingham University Speleological Society (BUSS)

Published Surveys - North of England

Omnibuss Vol 1 No 1 (1969)

BUSS O1-1 Unknown Cave (Penyghent Area)

Omnibuss Vol 1 No 2 (1971)

BUSS O1-2 Notts Pot (Part of)
BUSS O1-2 Stot Rakes Caves - Penyghent

Omnibuss Number 3 (1972)

BUSS O3 Notts Pot - BT Passage Area
BUSS O3 Notts Pot - Upper Series

Omnibuss Number 4 (1973)

BUSS O4 Dead Dobbin Pot (Elevation)
BUSS O4 Dead Dobbin Pot (Plan)
BUSS O4 Little Hull Pot (Part of)
BUSS O4 Notts Pot Area

Omnibuss Number 5 (1974)

No surveys

Surveys Published Separately

BUSS 1970 Notts Pot
BUSS 1972 Little Hull Pot

Other Surveys (Unknown Publication)

BUSS 1973 Dead Dobbin Area - Leck Fell
BUSS 1973 Dead Dobbin Pot - Leck Fell
BUSS 1971 Ireby - Marble Steps Area

'No surveys' means no surveys of caves in the North of England