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Cave Surveys - North of England

Underground Adventure - Gemmel and Myers (1952)

bk Gemmell52 Easegill Area
bk Gemmell52 Gaping Gill Area
bk Gemmell52 Henslers Passage and Disappointment Pot
bk Gemmell52 Hull Pot Area
bk Gemmell52 Hull Pot
bk Gemmell52 Lancaster Hole - Elevation
bk Gemmell52 Lancaster Hole
bk Gemmell52 Little Hull Pot
bk Gemmell52 Notts Hole
bk Gemmell52 Pikedaw Calamine Caverns
bk Gemmell52 Simpson Pot
bk Gemmell52 The Caves of Easegill

Potholing: Beneath the Northern Pennines - David Heap (1964)

bk heap64 Dow Cave
bk heap64 Easegill - Pool Sink
bk heap64 Grange Rigg Pot
bk heap64 Lost Johns
bk heap64 Magnetometer Pot
bk heap64 Penyghent Pot
bk heap64 Simpsons Pot

Gaping Gill 150 Years of Exploration - Howard Beck (1984)

bk Beck84 Fell Beck Water Diversions (1895)
bk Beck84 Gaping Ghyll - Martel Sketch 1895
bk Beck84 Gaping Ghyll and St Pauls Cathedral
bk Beck84 Gaping Ghyll Cavern (1906)
bk Beck84 Gaping Ghyll Main Main Chamber (Body Location)
bk Beck84 Gaping Ghyll Main Shaft
bk Beck84 Gaping Ghyll Sand Caverns (Workmans Campsite)
bk Beck84 Lateral Shaft - Jib Diagram
bk Beck84 The Gaping Gill Clapham Cave System

Memoirs of a Moldywarp - Peter Ryder (2008)

bk Ryder08 Angels Drainpipe
bk Ryder08 Ayleburn Mine Cavern
bk Ryder08 Cliff Force Cave
bk Ryder08 Fossdale Beck Cave
bk Ryder08 Gods Bridge River Cave
bk Ryder08 Hard Level Gill Cave - 67 Extension Sketch
bk Ryder08 Hartlecleugh Quarry Cave
bk Ryder08 Lunehead Mine and Caverns
bk Ryder08 Moking Hurth - Various Surveys
bk Ryder08 Smeltmill Beck Cave
bk Ryder08 Spider Windy Pit - Whitestone Cliff
bk Ryder08 The Buttertubs and Cliff Beck Head
bk Ryder08 Windegg Mine Caverns

Limestones and Caves of North-West England - Tony Waltham (1974)

bk waltham74 Black Keld Hydrology
bk waltham74 Brants Gill Drainage Area
bk waltham74 Casterton Fell Tertiary and Moderrn Drainage
bk waltham74 Caves of Barbondale
bk waltham74 Caves of Leck Fell
bk waltham74 Caves of Upper Dentdale
bk waltham74 Caves of Upper Wharfedale and Littondale
bk waltham74 Chapel-le-Dale Hydrology
bk waltham74 Dentdale - Geology and Drainage
bk waltham74 Ease Gill Diagrammatic Elevations
bk waltham74 Ease Gill Formation - Diagrams
bk waltham74 Ease Gill Geological Section
bk waltham74 Gaping Gill - Diagramatic Cross Section
bk waltham74 Gaping Gill and Allotment Area Hydrology
bk waltham74 Gaping Gill Area - Geological Structure
bk waltham74 Gaping Gill Diagrams
bk waltham74 Gaping Gill Ingleborough Area
bk waltham74 Gaping Gill Main Passages - Diagramatic Cross Section
bk waltham74 Hale Moss Cave
bk waltham74 Hale Moss Development Levels
bk waltham74 Hale Moss Poljes and Caves
bk waltham74 Henning Valley Cave
bk waltham74 High Roads Cave I
bk waltham74 Ingleborough Cave
bk waltham74 Kingsdale Hydrology
bk waltham74 Leck Fell Cave Development Phases
bk waltham74 Leck Fell Caves - Semi-extended Profile
bk waltham74 Leck Fell Master Cave Development
bk waltham74 Leck Fell Structural Geology
bk waltham74 Leck Fell Surface Features
bk waltham74 Leck Fell Upper and Lower Cave Systems
bk waltham74 Lost Johns - Lyle Cavern Development
bk waltham74 Lost Johns Development Phases
bk waltham74 Malham Area Hydrology
bk waltham74 Morecambe Bay - Polje Erosion Processes
bk waltham74 Morecambe Bay Geology Section
bk waltham74 Morecambe Bay Geology
bk waltham74 Morecambe Bay Pleistocene Cave Development
bk waltham74 Nidderdale
bk waltham74 Pippikin Hole
bk waltham74 Roudsea Wood Cave
bk waltham74 Stump Cross Area
bk waltham74 The Caverns of Casterton Fell
bk waltham74 The Gaping Gill System
bk waltham74 The West Kingsdale System
bk waltham74 Upper Ribblesdale Hydrology
bk waltham74 West Kingsdale System - Projected Elevation

Caves, Crags and Gorges: A Guide to the Limestone Country of England and Wales - Tony Waltham (1974)

bk waltham84 Alum Pot Section
bk waltham84 Dow Cave
bk waltham84 Easegill System
bk waltham84 Gaping Gill Section
bk waltham84 Goyden Pot
bk waltham84 How Stean Gorge
bk waltham84 Ingleborough Cave
bk waltham84 Juniper Gulf Section
bk waltham84 Kingsdale
bk waltham84 Leck Fell
bk waltham84 Long Churn Caves and Alum Pot
bk waltham84 Penyghent Pot Section
bk waltham84 Scoska Cave
bk waltham84 Strans Gill Pot Section
bk waltham84 Stump Cross Caverns
bk waltham84 Swinsto Hole Section
bk waltham84 Thorns Gill and Katnot Cave
bk waltham84 Whitescar Cave
bk waltham84 Yordas Cave