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Burnley Caving Club (BCC)

Published Surveys - North of England

Review 1 (1972)

BCC R72 Birkwith Area Hydrology Full
BCC R72 Bull Pot (Kingsdale) - Entrance Series Full
BCC R72 Malham Geology Full
BCC R72 Malham Hydrology Full
BCC R72 Red Moss Pot Full
BCC R72 Slit Pot - Penyghent Gill Full

Review 2 (1975)

BCC R75 Kisdon Lodge Pot - Keld Full

Review 92

No Surveys

Review 94

BCC R94 Dow Cave Full
BCC R94 Littondale - Caves and Hydrology Full
BCC R94 Spittle Croft Cave Full

Red Moss Pot (Reprinted from Review 1)

Slit Pot (Reprinted from Review 1)

BCC 1973 Birkwith System (Updated) Full

Review 2004

No Surveys

Review 2005 - B.C.C. The First Ten Years

BCC R05 Nick Pot Full

Review 2006

BCC R06 High Mark Mine - Cote Gill Full

Other Surveys

BCC 1973 Birkwith System Full
BCC 1972 Skythorns Pot Full
BCC 1963 Sleets Gill Cave Full

'No surveys' means no surveys of caves in the North of England