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Cave Diving Group (CDG)

Published Surveys - North of England

Newsletters (1964-1967)

No.s 1-5

No surveys

Newsletters (1968)

No.s 6-9

No surveys

Newsletters (1969)

No.s 10-12

No surveys

No 13


Newsletters (1970)

No.s 14-17


Newsletters (1971)

No 18

No surveys

No 19


No 20

No surveys

No 21


Newsletters (1972)

No.s 22-25


Newsletters (1973)

No 26

CDG NL26 Old Ing Cave - Sump Area

No 27


No 28

No Surveys

No 29


Newsletters (1974)

No.s 30-31


No 32

CDG NL32 Boreham Cave Sketch Plan
CDG NL32 Boreham Cave Sketch
CDG NL32 KMC - Upstream Rowten Extensions

No 33

No Surveys

Newsletters (1975)

No 34

CDG NL34 Dub Cote Extensions
CDG NL34 Ingleborough Cave - Upstream Passages
CDG NL34 Otters CAve - Melmerby

No 35

CDG NL35 Caldbergh Gill Cave - Melmerby
CDG NL35 Rawthey Cave

No 36

CDG NL36 Ingleborough Cave - Terminal Lake Sump

No 37

CDG NL37 Black Keld

Newsletters (1976)

No 38

CDG NL38 Boreham Cave Outline
CDG NL38 Keld Head

No 39

CDG NL39 Keld Head
CDG NL39 Spittle Croft Cave
CDG NL39 White Scar Cave

No 40

CDG NL40 Birks Wood Cave Extension
CDG NL40 Gods Bridge River Cave
CDG NL40 Ingleborough Cave - Gandalfs Gallery
CDG NL40 Keld Head
CDG NL40 Pate Hole

No 41


Newsletters (1977)

No 42

CDG NL42 Robinsons Pot - Upstream Extensions
CDG NL42 Tub Hole

No 43

CDG NL43 Birkwith - Dismal Hill Connection
CDG NL43 Ingleborough Cave - Terminal Lake Extensions

No 44


No 45

CDG NL45 Pate Hole

Newsletters (1978)

No 46

CDG NL46 Dub Cote Cave
CDG NL46 Ingleborough Cave and Far Country
CDG NL46 Nidd Heads NW
CDG NL46 West Kingsdale System
CDG NL46 Witches Cave

No 47

CDG NL47 Keld Head - Dead Mans Handshake
CDG NL47 Kirkdale Cave

No 48

No Surveys

No 49

CDG NL49 Ingleborough Cave
CDG NL49 Keld Head

Newsletters (1979)

No 50

No Surveys

No 51

CDG NL51 Marble Steps Sumps
CDG NL51 Pippikin Pot - Beethovens Birthday Connection

No 52

No Surveys

No 53

No Surveys

Newsletters (1980)

No 54

CDG NL54 KMC Deep Rising
CDG NL54 Malham Cove Flood Rising

No 55

No Surveys

No 56

CDG NL56 Penyghent Pot - Hunt Pot Inlet

No 57

CDG NL57 Weathercote Cate - Jingle Pot

Newsletters (1981)

No 58

CDG NL58 Cherry Tree Hole - Branch Inlet Sump
CDG NL58 Goyden Pot Aquamole Series
CDG NL58 New Goyden Pot - Downstream Extensions
CDG NL58 Nidd Head NW Rising

No 59

CDG NL59 Langstroth Pot - Goat Inlet

No 60

No Surveys

No 61

No Surveys

Newsletters (1982)

No 62

CDG NL62 Dub Cote Cave
CDG NL62 Goyden-New Goyden - Mainstream Link
CDG NL62 King Pot Sumps
CDG NL62 New Goyden - Downstream Sumps
CDG NL62 Nidd Head NW Rising
CDG NL62 Pippikin Pot - Downstream Sump

No 63

CDG NL63 Clapham Beck Head Sump (The Abyss)
CDG NL63 Lancaster Hole - Upstream Waterfall Passage
CDG NL63 Otters Cave

No 64

CDG NL64 Bogg Hall Rising - Kirbymoorside

No 65


Newsletters (1983)

No 66

CDG NL66 Bogg Hall Cave
CDG NL66 Hurtle Pot Midge Hole Connection

No 67

No Surveys

No 68


No 69

CDG NL69 Meregill Skit

Newsletters (1984)

No 70

CDG NL70 Hurtle Pot - Downstream Sump
CDG NL70 Joint Hole - Sump 3

No 71

No Surveys

No 72

CDG NL72 Dub Cote Cave
CDG NL72 Joint Hole Schematic
CDG NL72 Joint Hole
CDG NL72 Midge Hole - Downstream Sumps A to F
CDG NL72 Strans Gill Pot - Inlet Sumps

No 73

CDG NL73 Chapmans Rising
CDG NL73 Goyden Pot and Manchester Hole
CDG NL73 Sleets Gill Cave - 68 Series Terminal Sump

Newsletters (1985)

No 74

CDG NL74 Hurtle Pot Upstream Sump
CDG NL74 Keld Head - Entrance Complex
CDG NL74 King Pot - Upstream Sump 3
CDG NL74 KMC - Downstream Kingsdale

No 75

No Surveys

No 76

No Surveys

No 77

No Surveys

Newsletters (1986)

No 78

CDG NL78 Gaping Gill - Troubled Waters
CDG NL78 Hurtle Pot - Scoffs Inlet
CDG NL78 Otters Cave - Coverdale

No 79

CDG NL79 Gavel Pot - Upstream Sump
CDG NL79 Ingleborough Cave - Gothic Arch Sump
CDG NL79 Notts Pot Extensions Diagram

No 80

CDG NL80 Caves of Chapel Beck
CDG NL80 Hurtle Pot - East Wall Inlet

No 81

CDG NL81 Hurtle Pot and Midge Hole Lines
CDG NL81 Keld Head Entrance Lines
CDG NL81 Thorns Dub Hole

Newsletters (1987)

No 82

No Surveys

No 83

No Surveys

No 84

No Surveys

No 85

No Surveys

Newsletters (1988)

No 86

No Surveys

No 87

CDG NL87 Notts Pot - Sump 3

No 88

No Surveys

No 89

No Surveys

Newsletters (1989)

No 90

CDG NL90 Dry Gill Cave - Upstream Sump

No 91

CDG NL91 Gods Bridge Risings
CDG NL91 Notts 2 - Oliver Lloyd Aven

No 92

CDG NL92 Lancaster Hole - Downstream Sump

No 93

CDG NL93 Kingsdale Master Cave - Downstream Sump

Newsletters (1990)

No 94

CDG NL94 Malham Cove Risings
CDG NL94 Black Keld

No 95

CDG NL95 Malham Cove Risings

No 96

CDG NL96 Kingsdale Master Cave - Downstream Sump
CDG NL96 Malham Cove Rising
CDG NL96 Red Dell Mine
CDG NL96 Whitewell Resurgence

No 97

No Surveys

Newsletters (1991)

No 98

CDG NL98 Kingsdale Master Cave - Downstream Sump

No 99

CDG NL99 Clapham Beck Head
CDG NL99 Keld Head KMC Connection

No 100

CDG NL100 Bull Pot of the Witches - Upstream Sumps
CDG NL100 Ellerbeck Hole
CDG NL100 Joint Hole and Assoc Caves
CDG NL100 Keld Head - Marble Steps Branch
CDG NL100 Roaring Hole to Meregill Hole Connection

No 101

CDG NL101 Clapham Beck Head - Recent Extensions
CDG NL101 Witches Cave - Entrance Complex

Newsletters (1992)

No 102

No Surveys

No 103

CDG NL103 Brown Hill Pot - Downstream Sump
CDG NL103 Chapmans Rising and Meregill Skit
CDG NL103 Ellerbeck Hole
CDG NL103 Lancaster Hole - Downstream Sump

No 104


No 105

CDG NL105 Canal Cavern - Horton-in-Ribblesdale
CDG NL105 Gaping Gill - Deep Well
CDG NL105 Keld Head - Schematic
CDG NL105 White Scar Cave - Sleepwalker Series Extensions

Newsletters (1993)

No 106

CDG NL106 Gingling Hole Extensions
CDG NL106 Leck Beck Head
CDG NL106 Tub Hole - Third Pool Sump

No 107

CDG NL107 Gods Bridge Risings - Chapel-le-Dale
CDG NL107 KY Joint and Midge Hole Connection Area
CDG NL107 Leck Beck Head

No 108

No Surveys

No 109

No Surveys

Newsletters (1994)

No 110

No Surveys

No 111

CDG NL111 Malham Cove Risings - Upstream Terminations

No 112

CDG NL112 Gaping Gill - Upstream Southgate
CDG NL112 Midge Hole - Static Sumps
CDG NL112 New Goyden Pot - Caraval Trail
CDG NL112 New Goyden Pot - Sump 8 Downstream Limit

No 113

CDG NL113 Beck Head Stream Cave - Upstream Sump
CDG NL113 Deepdale Rising - Langstrothdale
CDG NL113 KMC - Far Upstream Extensions
CDG NL113 Nidd Heads NW Rising - Sump 2
CDG NL113 Skirwith Rising Cave

Newsletters (1995)

No 114

No Surveys

No 115

CDG NL115 Clapham Beck Head

No 116

CDG NL116 Joint Hole - Deep Route Extensions
CDG NL116 King Pot - Grand Masters Chamber
CDG NL116 Notts Pot - Far Downstream Passages

No 117

CDG NL117 Gods Bridge Main Rising - Chapel-le-Dale
CDG NL117 Hagg Gill Pot - Downstream Passages

Newsletters (1996)

No 118

CDG NL118 Dub Cote Cave
CDG NL118 Langcliffe Pot - Poseidon Sump

No 119

CDG NL119 Rawthey Cave - Sedbergh

No 120

CDG NL120 Footnaws Hole - Selside
CDG NL120 Gods Bridge Rising A and Sleet Cave - Chapel-le-Dale
CDG NL120 Gods Bridge Risings D and E - Chapel-le-Dale

No 121

CDG NL121 Joint Hole - Sump 2 Recent Finds

Newsletters (1997)

No 122

No Surveys

No 123

No Surveys

No 124

CDG NL124 Beck Head - Witherslack Cumbria
CDG NL124 Leck Beck Head

No 125

No Surveys

Newsletters (1998)

No 126

CDG NL126 Black Keld

No 127

No Surveys

No 128

CDG NL128 Keld Head - New Survey So Far

No 129

CDG NL129 Keld Head - May-June 98 Extensions

Newsletters (1999)

No 130

CDG NL130 Beck Head - Witherslack Cumbria
CDG NL130 Nape Well Cave - Appletreewick
CDG NL130 The Popples - Dentdale
CDG NL130 Timony Joint - Greenhow

No 131

No Surveys

No 132

No Surveys

No 133

CDG NL133 Cobble Rising Cave - Bruntscar

Newsletters (2000)

No 134

No Surveys

No 135

CDG NL135 Keld Head - Lake Aquazepp

No 136

No Surveys

No 137


Newsletters (2001)

No 138

CDG NL138 Turbary Pot

No 139


No 140

CDG NL140 Ingleborough Cave - Upstream Secret Stream Sumps

No 141


Newsletters (2002)

No.s 142-145

No Surveys

Newsletters (2003)

No.s 146-147

No Surveys

No 148


No 149

No Surveys

Newsletters (2004)

No.s 150-151

No Surveys

No.s 152-153


Newsletters (2005)

No.s 154-155


No.s 156-157

No Surveys

Newsletters (2006)

No.s 158-161

No Surveys

Newsletters (2007)

No 162

CDG NL162 Roaring Hole - Downstream Sump

No.s 163-165

No Surveys

Newsletters (2007)

No.s 166-167

No Surveys

No 168

CDG NL168 KMC - Philosophers Crawl Sump
CDG NL168 Sorbus CAve - Penyghent Gill
CDG NL168 Trident Cave - Penyghent Gill

No 169

No Surveys

Newsletters (2009)

No 170

CDG NL170 Keld Head - Marble Steps Branch Terminations

No 171

No Surveys

No 172

CDG NL172 Preachers Cave - Wild Boar Fell
CDG NL172 Washfold Pot - Sumps

No 173

CDG NL173 Keld Head - Ravenstonedale

Newsletters (2010)

No 174

CDG NL174 Snorkel Cave - Happy Hour Passage

No.s 175-178

No Surveys

Northern Section Newsletters

No. 1 March 1966

No Surveys

No. 2 June 1966

No Surveys

No. 2 January 1990

No Surveys

August 1990

CDG NSNLAug90 Hodge Close Quarry

October 1990

CDG NSNLOct90 Midge Hole - Preliminary Drawing



Diving Review 1968

CDG DR68 Tub Hole

Northern Sump Index 1981

CDG NSI81 Boreham Cave
CDG NSI81 Caves of Chapel Beck
CDG NSI81 Clapham Beck Head Caves
CDG NSI81 Dry Gill Cave
CDG NSI81 Dub Cote Cave
CDG NSI81 Gods Bridge River Cave - Gretadale
CDG NSI81 Goyden Pot - Mainstream Extensions
CDG NSI81 Ingleborough Cave - Terminal Lake
CDG NSI81 Lady Blues Underwater Fantasy
CDG NSI81 Malham Cove
CDG NSI81 Nidd Heads
CDG NSI81 Penyghent Pot Little Hull System
CDG NSI81 Uldale House Rising
CDG NSI81 West Kingsdale System
CDG NSI81 Yew Cogar

Northern Sump Index Update 1990

CDG NSIU90 Joint Hole

Northern Sump Index 1995

CDG NSI95 Birks Wood Cave and Redmire Pot
CDG NSI95 Black Keld
CDG NSI95 Bogg Hall Rising - Kirbymoorside
CDG NSI95 Boreham Cave
CDG NSI95 Brants Gill Head Drainage System - Schematic
CDG NSI95 Chapmans Rising and Meregill Skit
CDG NSI95 Clapham Beck Head
CDG NSI95 Deepdale Rising
CDG NSI95 Dub Cote Cave
CDG NSI95 Ellerbeck Hole - Chapel-le-Dale
CDG NSI95 Flood Entrance Pot
CDG NSI95 Foss Gill Cave - Upstream Sump
CDG NSI95 Gaping Gill - Deep Well
CDG NSI95 Gaping Gill - Northgate
CDG NSI95 Gavel Pot - Upstream Sump
CDG NSI95 Gingling Hole
CDG NSI95 Gods Bridge Drainage System - Schematic
CDG NSI95 Gods Bridge Risings - Chapel-le-Dale
CDG NSI95 Gods Bridge River Cave - Upstream Sumps
CDG NSI95 Goyden Pot and New Goyden Pot
CDG NSI95 Hurtle Pot
CDG NSI95 Ibbeth Peril Cave 1
CDG NSI95 Ingleborough Cave - Second Gothic Arch Sump
CDG NSI95 Joint Hole - Elevation
CDG NSI95 Joint Hole
CDG NSI95 Keld Head - Entrance Area
CDG NSI95 Keld Head
CDG NSI95 King Pot - Upstream Sumps
CDG NSI95 KMC Upstream Sumps
CDG NSI95 Lady Blues Underwater Fantasy
CDG NSI95 Lancaster Hole - Downstream Sump
CDG NSI95 Leck Beck Head
CDG NSI95 Malham Cove Rising - Upstream Terminations
CDG NSI95 Malham Cove Rising
CDG NSI95 Midge Hole Static Sumps
CDG NSI95 Midge Hole
CDG NSI95 New Goyden Pot - Downstream Sumps
CDG NSI95 New Goyden Pot - Hardy Pools Passage Sumps
CDG NSI95 Nidd Head Risings
CDG NSI95 Otters Cave - Coverdale
CDG NSI95 Penyghent Pot - Little Hull Pot
CDG NSI95 Pippikin - Lost Johns - Gavel
CDG NSI95 Providence Pot - Upstream Sump
CDG NSI95 Roaring Hole Sump
CDG NSI95 Robinsons Pot
CDG NSI95 Sleets Gill Cave - Terminal Sump
CDG NSI95 Strans Gill Pot - Assembly Hall Area
CDG NSI95 Thorns Gill Caves
CDG NSI95 Tub Hole - Third Sump Pool
CDG NSI95 Tub Hole
CDG NSI95 Uldale House Rising
CDG NSI95 White Scar Cave - Main Stream Sumps
CDG NSI95 White Scar Cave - Sleep Walker Series Sumps
CDG NSI95 Whitewell Resurgence
CDG NSI95 Yew Cogar Caves

'No surveys' means no surveys of caves in the North of England