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Craven Pothole Club (CPC)

Published Surveys - North of England

Journal 1934

No surveys

Journal 1-1 (1949 - Reprinted 1977)

CPC J1-1 Car Pot Full

Journal 1-2 (1950)

CPC J1-2 Stump Cross Caverns (Colour) Full
CPC J1-2 Stump Cross Caverns (Mono) Full

Journal 1-3 (1951)

CPC J1-3 Attermire Cave Full

Journal 1-4 (1952)

No surveys

Journal 1-5 (1953)

CPC J1-5 Dow Cave Full
CPC J1-5 Lost Caverns - Grassington Moor Full
CPC J1-5 Pikedaw Calamine Mine Full

Journal 1-6 (1954)

CPC J1-6 Dow Cave and Providence Pot Full
CPC J1-6 Providence Pot - 1954 Full

Journal 2-1 (1955)

CPC J2-1 Providence Pot Full
CPC J2-2 Little Rift Full
CPC J2-2 New Goyden Pot Full
CPC J2-2 Stump Cross Caverns - 1955 Series Full

Journal 2-2 (1956)

No surveys

Journal 2-3 (1957)

CPC J2-3 Mongo Gill Hole Full

Journal 2-4 (1958)

CPC J2-4 Kirkgill Pot - Wharfedale Full
CPC J2-4 Stump Cross Caverns - 1958 Full

Journal 2-5 (1959)

CPC J2-5 Boreham Cave Full
CPC J2-5 Mackwells Cavern - Greenhow Full
CPC J2-5 Marble Sink Full
CPC J2-5 Mongo Gill North Full
CPC J2-5 North Pot Greenhow Full

Journal 2-6 (1960)

CPC J2-6 Hollow Mill Cross Area - Swaledale Full

Journal 3-1 (1961)

No surveys

Journal 3-2 (1962)

CPC J3-2 Swarthgill Hole Full

Journal 3-3 (1963)

CPC J3-3 Spectacle Pot Full

Journal 3-4 (1964)

CPC J3-4 Stump Cross and Mongo Gill Full

Journal 3-5 (1965)

CPC J3-5 Little Meregill Full

Journal 3-6 (1966)

CPC J3-6 Cherry Tree Hole Full
CPC J3-6 Gaping Gill - PUSA Full

Journal 4-1 (1967)

No surveys

Journal 4-2 (1968)

CPC J4-2 Scrafton Pot Full

Journal 4-3 (1969)

CPC J4-3 Birks Fell Cave - Diagram Full
CPC J4-3 Birks Fell Full
CPC J4-3 Scrafton Pot - Extension Full
CPC J4-3 Water Gill Cave - Buckden Full

Journal 4-4 (1970)

CPC J4-4 Bracken Cave - Langstrothdale Full
CPC J4-4 Caves of Darnbrook Full
CPC J4-4 Cherry Tree Hole Full
CPC J4-4 Darnbrook Pot Full
CPC J4-4 Gavel Pot - October Series Full
CPC J4-4 Pillar Holes Full
CPC J4-4 Redmire Pot Full

Journal 4-5 (1971)

CPC J4-5 Birkswood Cave Full
CPC J4-5 Bracken Cave Extension Full
CPC J4-5 Cherry Tree Hole - Far North Full
CPC J4-5 Foss Gill Cave - Starbotton Full
CPC J4-5 Mayday Hole - Newby Moss Full
CPC J4-5 Robin Hoods Cave - Threshfield Full
CPC J4-5 Washfold Pot and Cave Full

Journal 4-6 (1972)

CPC J4-6 Caves of Eastern Whernside Full
CPC J4-6 Greensett Cave Full
CPC J4-6 Mongo Gill - freezeland Full
CPC J4-6 Slanting Cave Full
CPC J4-6 Yew Coger Hole - Arncliffe Full

Journal 5-1 (1973)

CPC J5-1 Lancaster Hole - Magic Roundabout Full
CPC J5-1 Sell Gill Holes Full

Journal 5-2 (1974)

CPC J5-2 Gaping Gill - Cross Section Diagram Full
CPC J5-2 Gaping Gill - Porcellaneous Band Full
CPC J5-2 Lancaster Hole - Quality Street Full

Journal 5-3 (1975)

CPC J5-3 Robinsons Pot Scale 1-1250 Full

Journal 5-4 (1976)

CPC J5-4 Gandalfs Gallery Full
CPC J5-4 Lizard Pot Full
CPC J5-4 Spout Tunnel Full

Journal 5-5 (1977)

CPC J5-5 Kiln Pot Barbondale Full
CPC J5-5 Pate Hole Sump Full
CPC J5-5 Robinsons Pot Full
CPC J5-5 Sell Gill - Calcite Way Full
CPC J5-5 Sell Gill - Crenobia Inlet Full
CPC J5-5 Sell Gill - Extension Full
CPC J5-5 Warren Cave Trollers Gill Full

Journal 5-6 (1978)

CPC J5-6 Arcow Wood Caves Full
CPC J5-6 Car Pot CPC Extensions Full
CPC J5-6 Coppice Cave Full
CPC J5-6 Rowantree Cave Full
CPC J5-6 Snaizeholme Pasture Cave Full

Journal 6-1 (1979)

No surveys

Journal 6-2 (1980)

CPC J6-2 Lone Ranger Series Link Pot Full
CPC J6-2 Lovergill Caves - Buttertubs Full
CPC J6-2 Stump Cross Caverns 1903 Full
CPC J6-2 Warm Holes - Saddleworth Full

Journal 6-3 (1981)

CPC J6-3 Cliffe Force Cave Sht1 Full
CPC J6-3 Cliffe Force Cave Sht2 Full
CPC J6-3 Tiddemans Pot Full

Journal 6-4 (1982-1983)

CPC J6-4 Notts Pot - Secret Destination Full
CPC J6-4 Raygill Cave Full

Journal 6-5 (1984)

CPC J6-5 East Passage Oddments GG Full
CPC J6-5 Rat Hole GG Full

Journal 6-6 (1985)

CPC J6-6 Dow Cave (Pt 1 Ent to Hobsons) Full
CPC J6-6 North Passage GG Full
CPC J6-6 Otters Cave Full

News 1 to News 40 (1976 to 1985)

CPC News25 Ingleborough Cave (Giants Hall Extensions) Full
CPC News26 Ingleborough Cave (Abyss Sump) Full

Record 1 (1986)

CPC R1 Dow Cave Sketches 1 Full
CPC R1 Dow Cave Sketches 2 Full

Record 2

CPC R2 Dove Holes Full

Record 3

No surveys

Record 4

CPC R4 Gaping Gill - East Pot Full
CPC R4 Gaping Gill - North Passage Full
CPC R4 Gaping Gill - Northgate Sump Full

Record 5

CPC R5 Butchers Rake Level - Conistone Moor Full
CPC R5 Darnbrook Fissure Full
CPC R5 Providence Pot Upstream Sump Full

Record 6

CPC R6 Hunterstones Geology Full

Record 7

No surveys

Record 8

CPC R8 Gaping Gill - Queensbury Avens Full

Record 9

CPC R9 Dow Cave - Rattle and Sploosh Elev Full
CPC R9 Dow Cave - Rattle and Sploosh Plan Full

Record 10

CPC R10 Dow Cave - Albert Hall Full

Record 11

CPC R11 Gaping Gill - Main Chamber Fault Full

Record 12 to Record 15

No surveys

Record 16

CPC R16 Stump Cross Caverns - Divers Ext Full

Record 17

CPC R17 Rowten Passage Avens Full

Record 18

CPC R18 Gaping Gill Area Full
CPC R18 Gaping Gill East Pot Schematic Full
CPC R18 Gaping Gill System Full
CPC R18 Yew Tree Pot (Sketch) Full

Record 19

CPC R19 Alum Pot - Skyhook Inlet Full

Record 20

CPC R20 Gaping Gill - North Passage Full
CPC R20 Gaping Gill - Rivendell Extensions Full

Record 21

No surveys

Record 22

CPC R22 Howgill Nick Area Full

Record 23

No surveys

Record 24

CPC R24 Dow Cave - Bridge Area Full
CPC R24 Gaping Gill North Passage Extension Full
CPC R24 Howgill Nick (sketch elevation) Full

Record 25

No surveys

Record 26

CPC R26 Whitewell Resurgence Full

Record 27 to Record 31

No surveys

Record 32

CPC R32 Gaping Gill - Violet Ground Beetle Full

Record 33

No surveys

Record 34

CPC R34 Valley Entrance - Gloop Hole Full

Record 35

No surveys

Record 36

CPC R36 Gaping Gill - Booth Parsons Extensions Full
CPC R36 Gaping Gill - South Wall Tube Full

Record 37 to Record 40

No surveys

Record 41

CPC R41 Sell Gill Hole (1929) Full
CPC R41 Sell Gill Hole (1937) Full
CPC R41 Sell Gill Hole (1941) Full
CPC R41 Sell Gill Hole (1995) Full

Record 43

No surveys

Record 44

CPC R44 Gaping Gill - Lost River Extension Full

Record 45

CPC R45 Great Expectations Dig Full

Record 46

No surveys

Record 47

CPC R47 Stump Cross - Great Expectations Full

Record 48

CPC R48 Gaping Gill - Lower Stream Passage pot Extensions Full

Record 49

No surveys

Record 50

CPC R50 Malham Area (Water Testing) Full
CPC R50 Malham Cove Rising (Water Testing) Full

Record 51

CPC R51 Fossil Pot Full
CPC R51 Gill House Pot Full
CPC R51 Out Gate Pot Full
CPC R51 Black Keld (Water Divining) Full

Record 52

No surveys

Record 53

CPC R53 High Cup Nick Full

Record 54

No surveys

Record 55

CPC R55 Sting Pot Extensions Full

Record 56

CPC R56 Lancashire Hot Pot Full
CPC R56 Notts Pot - Secret Destination Series Full

Record 57

No surveys

Record 58

CPC R58 Stump Cross (part of) - 1962 and 2000 Full
CPC R58 Stump Cross Caverns - Jerry Rift Full

Record 59 to Record 61

No surveys

Record 62

CPC R62 Gaping Gill - Main Chamber Full

Record 63

CPC R63 Stump Cross - November Series Full

Record 64

CPC R64 Coronation Pot 1937 Full
CPC R64 Coronation Pot 1947 Full
CPC R64 Lizard Pot - Extension Full
CPC R64 Lizard Pot - RiggingTopo Full

Record 65

CPC R65 Grange Rigg Pot Entrance Full
CPC R65 Scales Moor Pot 1 Full
CPC R65 Stump Cross - Crystal Cavern Full

Record 66

CPC R66 Rough Pot - Leck Fell Full

Record 67

No surveys

Record 68

CPC R68 Gaping Gill - East Passage Aven Full

Record 69

CPC R69 Pillar Holes Ent 1 - Rigging Topo Full

Record 70

CPC R70 Stump Cross - Middle Level Sketches Full

Record 71

CPC R71 Craven Moor Cave 1819 (Mongo Gill) Full
CPC R71 Malham Cove Rising Full
CPC R71 Mongo Gill Area Mine Shafts Full
CPC R71 Stump Cross Caverns - 1903(Simpson) Full
CPC R71 Stump Cross Caverns - 1922(Long) Full
CPC R71 Stump Cross Caverns - 1949(Raistrick) Full
CPC R71 Stump Cross Caverns - 1949(Simpson) Full

Record 72

CPC R72 Gaping Gill - Fell Beck Sinks Full
CPC R72 Gaping Gill - Laser Images Full
CPC R72 Gaping Gill Area Compilation Full
CPC R72 Simon Fell Cave - Selside Full

Record 73

CPC R73 Gatekirk Sink Cave No 3 Full
CPC R73 Stump Cross Caverns (Simpson) Full

Record 74 and Record 75

No surveys

Record 76

CPC R76 Gaping Gill - Hamster Aven Full
CPC R76 Gaping Gill - Near Country Full
CPC R76 Ingleborough Cave - Grotto Passage Full
CPC R76 Ingleborough-Beck Head Sump Full
CPC R76 Stump Cross - Grenade Shaft Full

Record 77

CPC R77 Aquamole Pot - Rigging Topo Full
CPC R77 Long Kin East - Rigging Topo Full

Record 78

No surveys

Record 79

CPC R79 Ingleborough Cave - 2nd Gothic Arch Sumps Full

Record 80

CPC R80 Bull Pot of the Witches - YRC 1919(Simpson) Full

Record 81 to Record 84

No surveys

Record 85

CPC R85 Aquamole Pot - Rigging Topo (alt) Full
CPC R85 Aquamole Pot Full

Record 86

CPC R86 Gaping Gill - Queensbury Aven No 3 Full
CPC R86 Shrapnel Pot - Rigging Topo Full

Record 87

CPC R87 Mongo Gill - 1957 Full

Record 88

CPC R88 Gaping Gill - Avalanche Inlet (LUCC 1973) Full

Record 89

CPC R89 Penyghent Pot - Myers Leap Full
CPC R89 Scoska Cave - Entrance Series (LUSS) Full

Record 90

CPC R90 Stump Cross Caverns - Longs Lake Full

Record 91

CPC R91 Thoragill Cave - Darnbrook Fell Full

Record 92

CPC R92 Gaping Gill - Laser Survey Full
CPC R92 Penyghent Gill - Small Caves Full

Record 93

CPC R93 Car Part - Part of S Craven Passage Full
CPC R93 Fence Hole - Stump Cross Full

Record 94

CPC R94 Gaping Gill - Henslers Roof Tunnel Full

Record 95

CPC R95 Foredale Quarry Caves Full

Record 96

No surveys

Record 97

CPC R97 Gaping Gill - North Passage Full
CPC R97 Rough Pot Full
CPC R97 Snorkel Cave - Happy Hour Passage Full

Record 98

No surveys

Record 99

CPC R99 Bouther Gill Cave - Langstrothdale Full
CPC R99 Langstroth Cave Sumps Full
CPC R99 Nape Well Cave - Trollers Gill Full
CPC R99 Pay Sank Rigging Guide Full
CPC R99 Penyghent Pot - Too Long Gone Sump Area Full

Record 100

CPC R100 Stump Cross Caverns - Mongo Gill Full
CPC R100 Sell Gill Holes Full

Record 101

CPC R101 Ireby Fell Caverns - Rift Pot Full

Record 102

CPC R102 Gatekirk Cave Sketch Full
CPC R102 Gunnerfleet Cave - Sketch Full

Record 103

CPC R103 Notts II - Inlet 17 Extension Full

Record 104

CPC R104 Stump Cross - 1979-80 Divers Extensions Full
CPC R104 Stump Cross Longs Lake - 1974 Busfield Sketch Full

Other Surveys - Publication Unknown

CPC 1956 New Goyden Pot Full
CPC 1958 Rumbling Beck Cave Full
CPC 1959 Gill House Pot Full
CPC 1959 Lost Johns System Full
CPC 1970 Birks Fell Cave Full
CPC XXXX Gaping Gill - NearCountry Full