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Manchester University Speleological Society (MUSS)

Published Surveys - North of England

Journal 1 (1965)

MUSS J1 Dentdale Area Map Full
MUSS J1 Disappointment Pot - Inlet Extension Full
MUSS J1 Ibbeth Peril Cave Full
MUSS J1 Roger Kirk Cave - Scar Cave Full

Journal 2

MUSS J2 Greenwood Pot - Newby Moss Full
MUSS J2 Guy Fawkes Pot - Penyghent Gill Full
MUSS J2 Lower Penyghent Gill Caves Full
MUSS J2 Upper Hesleden Cave 1 Full

Journal 3 (1969)

MUSS J3 Caves of Foxup and Cosh Full
MUSS J3 Cosh Beck Cave Full
MUSS J3 Cosh House Cave Full
MUSS J3 Foxup Beck Cave Full
MUSS J3 Littlewood Cave - Foxup Full

Journal 4

MUSS J4 Dub Cote Cave Full
MUSS J4 Gaping Gill - Whitsun Series Extension Full

Journal 5

MUSS J5 Fountains Fell and Penyghent Hydrology Full
MUSS J5 New Year and Rocky Pots - Fountains Fell Full

Journal 6 (1972)

MUSS J6 Big Meanie Full
MUSS J6 Easegill Caverns - Gallery Extension Full
MUSS J6 Easegill Caverns - Manchester By-pass Full
MUSS J6 Easegill Caverns - Mancunian Way Full
MUSS J6 Mustard Pot - Littondale Full

Journal 7 (1974)

MUSS J7 Blishmire House Cave Full
MUSS J7 Caves of Upper Hesleden Beck Full
MUSS J7 Hesleden Bergh - Littondale Full
MUSS J7 Red Dog Pot Full
MUSS J7 Snools Hole - Penyghent Gill Full
MUSS J7 Turkeyland Cave - Isle of Man Full
MUSS J7 Turkeyland Quarry - Isle of Man Full

Journal 8 (1976)

MUSS J8 Caves of Lockey Gill - Penyghent Gill Full
MUSS J8 Chanterelle Pot - Ingleborough Full
MUSS J8 Gemini Caves - Fawcett Moor Penyghent Full

Journal 9 (1978)

MUSS J9 Slut Cave - Penyghent Gill Full

Journal 10 (1981)

MUSS J10 Resurrection Pot - Ingleborough Full
MUSS J10 Snatcher Pot - Penyghent Gill Full
MUSS J10 Snuffit Pot - Hesleden Bergh Full