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Kendal Caving Club (KCC))

Published Surveys - North of England

Journal 1 (1963)

KCC J1 Flood Cavern - Dentdale Full

Journal 2 (1966 - 1967) Marked as Vol.5 No.3

KCC J2 Blake Bank Cave Full
KCC J2 High Gill Lower Cave Full
KCC J2 High Gill Middle Cave Full
KCC J2 High Gill Upper Cave Full

Journal 3 (1967 - 1968)

No surveys

Journal 4 (1969)

KCC J4 Cow Pot - Pld Series Full
KCC J4 Foss Gill Pot Full
KCC J4 Grey Wife Hole Area Full
KCC J4 Grey Wife Hole Full

Journal 5 (1969 - 1970)

KCC J5 Black Dub and Hackergill Caves Full
KCC J5 Ibbeth Peril 2 Full
KCC J5 Long Kin West Full
KCC J5 Tub Hole Full

Journal 6 (1971)

KCC J6 Dentdale Resurgence Caves Full
KCC J6 Flood Cavern Full
KCC J6 Haltcliff Bridge Cave Full
KCC J6 Minor Discoveries (1970) Full

Journal 7 (1972 - 1973)

KCC J7 Boreham Cave Sumps (Sketch) Full
KCC J7 Gaping Gill - Hydrology Full
KCC J7 Gaping Gill - Origins Full
KCC J7 Scoredale Mines Full
KCC J7 Stream Passage Pot Full

Journal 8 (1974 - 1975)

KCC J8 Boreham Cave Full
KCC J8 Gaping Gill - North West Inlet Full
KCC J8 Rowten Pot - Upstream Extensions Full
KCC J8 Whitescar Cave - Terminal Sump Full

Journal 9 (1978)

KCC J9 Haytime Hole Area Full
KCC J9 Haytime Hole Full
KCC J9 Scoredale Lead Mines Full
KCC J9 Smallclough Mines Full
KCC J9 Winshaw Gill Full

Journal 10 (1985)

KCC J10 Lost Johns - Tate Galleries Full
KCC J10 Rift Pot - Pleasure Dome Extension Full

Kendal Caving Club: the first 50 years (2007)

KCC J50yrs Gaping Gill Cave System Full

Boreham Cave (Reprint from J8)

Lost Johns - Tate Galleries (reprint from J10)

Surveys Published in Newsletters

KCC NL4-1 Low Hall Cave Full

Surveys Published Separately

KCC 1977 Boreham Cave Full

'No surveys' means no surveys of caves in the North of England