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Moldywarps Speleological Group (MSG)

Published Surveys - North of England

Journal 1 (1967)

MSG J1 Cliff Beck Head - R Passage Sketch
MSG J1 Clints Caves East - Ireshopeburn
MSG J1 Clints Caves West - Ireshopeburn
MSG J1 Coving Sike Pot
MSG J1 Gods Bridge Area - Gretadale
MSG J1 Head of Cliff Beck
MSG J1 Richmond Copper Mine - Sketch Plan
MSG J1 WSRS System (Moking Hurth)

Journal 2 (1968)

MSG J2 Cold Brow Pots
MSG J2 Cruckle Pot - Lunehead
MSG J2 Eller Beck
MSG J2 Gods Bridge River Cave - Gretadale
MSG J2 Green Pot Hill Cave
MSG J2 Hazel Bush Hill Hole
MSG J2 Hell Hole - Gainford
MSG J2 Scroggy Bank Cave
MSG J2 Sowan Burn Cave - Stanhope
MSG J2 Swindalehead Cave

Journal 3 (1970)

MSG J3 Ayleburn Caves
MSG J3 East Gill Cave 1 - Swaledale
MSG J3 Friarfold Hush Cave
MSG J3 Hard Level Gill Cave
MSG J3 Hunters Hole - Alston
MSG J3 Jacobs Well Cave - Frosterley
MSG J3 Little Gill Hole - Alston
MSG J3 Lynkirk Cave - Weardale
MSG J3 Punchard Area
MSG J3 Rabbitskull Cave - Alston
MSG J3 Richmond Copper Mines - Lower Series
MSG J3 Scatter Scar Cave
MSG J3 Small Caves
MSG J3 Stones Pot - Punchard Gill

Journal 4 (1971)

MSG J4 Bluebell Wood Cave
MSG J4 Faggergill New Level Mine Cave
MSG J4 Fells End Pot - Brough
MSG J4 Great Sleddale Pot - Swaledale
MSG J4 Keldheads Cave
MSG J4 Kisdon Cave - Swaledale
MSG J4 Small Caves
MSG J4 The Moking Hurth System

Journal 5 (1972)

MSG J5 Blind Gill Level
MSG J5 Eller Beck Head Cave - Gretadale
MSG J5 Elpha Green Caves - Allendale
MSG J5 Eweleap West Cave and Foxglove Pot
MSG J5 Fadmoor Caves
MSG J5 Jack Scar Cave - Teesdale
MSG J5 Lovergill Caves
MSG J5 Priorsdale Cave - Alston
MSG J5 Windegg Mine Caverns
MSG J5 Windmore End Cave - Brough

Journal 6 (1973)

MSG J6 Ashberry Windypits - Ryedale
MSG J6 Blood Windypit - Shallowdale
MSG J6 Elph Clough Cave - Weardale
MSG J6 Fossdale Beck Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J6 Grange Gill Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J6 Kirkdale Cave - NYM
MSG J6 Maze Holes - Wensleydale
MSG J6 Moking Hurth - Mud Tube Series Extension
MSG J6 Ryhope Caves - Sunderland

Journal 7 (1974)

MSG J7 Cotterdale House Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J7 Cresswell Caves
MSG J7 Cross Pot - Swindale
MSG J7 Devis Hole Mine Cave - Central Maze
MSG J7 Devis Hole Mine
MSG J7 Elephant Hole Whinstone Mine - NYM
MSG J7 Herne Hill Cave - Maltby
MSG J7 Ireshopeburn Caves - Area Map
MSG J7 Keldheads Cave - Wensleydale
MSg J7 Nearcliff Wood Rift - Conisbrough
MSG J7 Sil Howe Whinstone Mine - NYM
MSG J7 Smeltmill Beck Cave - Area Map
MSG J7 Smeltmill Beck Cave inc Hollow Way Inlet
MSG J7 Swinnergill Caves - Swaledale
MSG J7 The Buttertubs and Cliff Beck Head

Journal 8 (1976)

MSG J8 Aislaby Jet Mine - NYM
MSG J8 Aygill Cave - Swaledale
MSG J8 Badger Cave - Brough
MSG J8 Bollihope Burn Cave 2 - Weardale
MSG J8 Caves of the Saddleworth Area
MSG J8 Caves of Upper Hudeshope - Teesdale
MSG J8 Clargillside Caves - Alston
MSG J8 Crawleyside Cave - Weardale
MSG J8 East Gill Caves 2 and 3 - Swaledale
MSG J8 Fairy Holes (1825) - Saddleworth
MSG J8 Foreshield Burn Area - Alston
MSG J8 Fossdale Beck Cave - West Aven Extension
MSG J8 Horse Level Cave - Faggergill
MSG J8 Kettleness Alum Mines - NYM
MSG J8 Lease Rigg Whinstone Mine - NYM
MSG J8 Long Scar Caves - Swaledale
MSG J8 Lunehead Mine and Caverns - Mineworkings
MSG J8 Lunehead Mine and Caverns - Natural Passages
MSG J8 Lunehead Mine Caverns - Near Streamway
MSG J8 Richmond Copper Mine
MSG J8 Stenkrith Caves
MSG J8 Swindale Pots - Brough
MSG J8 Swinhopeburn Pot - Weardale
MSG J8 Tutmans Hole - DUSA 1975 Extension
MSG J8 Upper Hudeshope Beck - Teesdale
MSG J8 Whitecliffe Scar Caves 1 and 2 - Swaledale
MSG J8 Windegg Mine Caverns - Extensions
MSG J8 Worton Pasture Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J8 Yad Moss Cave - Teesdale

Journal 9 (1978)

MSG J9 AyleBurn Caves and Ayleburn Pot - Alston
MSG J9 Ayleburn Mine Cave - Gutgrinder Inlet
MSG J9 Brockholes Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J9 Cliffe Force Cave
MSG J9 Cliffe Force System - Sketch Map
MSG J9 Flushiemere Mine and Bropery Gill Level - Teesdale
MSG J9 Hearne Beck Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J9 Hudgill Burn Mine - Alston
MSG J9 Silver Jubilee Pot
MSG J9 Silverband Pot
MSG J9 Wards Hill Quarry Caves - Northumberland

Journal 10 (1979)

MSG J10 Dene Quarry Cave - Stanhope
MSG J10 East Gill Cave 1 - Swaledale
MSG J10 East Gill Cave 6 - Swaledale
MSG J10 Grainy Gill Cave - Stockdale
MSG J10 Hell Gill Area Map - Mallerstang
MSG J10 Herne Hill Cave - Maltby
MSG J10 Jingling Sike Cave - Mallerstang
MSG J10 Pleasley Vale Railway Cutting Pot - Notts
MSG J10 Rowantree Mea Cave - Stockdale
MSG J10 Stockdale Area - Swaledale
MSG J10 Swaleside Cave and East Gill Pot

Journal 11 (1987)

MSG J11 Cateran Hol - Northumberland
MSG J11 Gretabank Hole - Gretadale
MSG J11 Lovergill Caves - Swaledale
MSG J11 Maltby Wood Cave - S Yorks
MSG J11 Mousegill Cave
MSG J11 Old Mine in Crag Wood - Northumberland
MSG J11 The Angels Drainpipe
MSG J11 The Wanny Byer - Northumberland
MSG J11 Trough Scars Cave 1 - Gretadale

Journal 12 (2008)

MSG J12 Anniversary Pot - Swaledale
MSG J12 Cattle Grid Pot
MSG J12 Chapel Wood Jet Mine - NYM
MSG J12 Cliff Force Cave - Orange Egg Passage
MSG J12 Cliff Force Cave Outline - Including Orange Egg Passage
MSG J12 Cotter Side Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J12 Devis Hole Mine Caves - Central Maze Area
MSG J12 Devis Hole Mine Caves - East Cave Series
MSG J12 Devis Hole Mine Caves - Occidental Series
MSG J12 Devis Hole Mine Caves - Outline Plan
MSG J12 Devis Hole Mine Caves - South Cave Series
MSG J12 Devis Hole Mine Caves - West Cave Series
MSG J12 Ellerkin Pot - Wensleydale
MSG J12 Far Bridge Cave - Lunedale
MSG J12 Foxs Level Cave - Great Punchard Gill
MSG J12 Great Punchard Gill Cave
MSG J12 Grimsby Hole - Great Punchard Gill
MSG J12 Hartleycleugh Quarry Cave
MSG J12 Lost Pool Sink - Gretadale
MSG J12 Moking Hurth - Entrance Series
MSG J12 Park Scar Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J12 Razor Pot - Gretadale
MSG J12 ShiveryGill Pot - Wensleydale
MSG J12 Smithy Level Caves - Swaledale
MSG J12 Snowden Gill Cave - Swaledale
MSG J12 Stalling Busk Cave - Wensleydale
MSG J12 The Caves of Great Punchard Gill
MSG J12 The Caves of Great Sleddale
MSG J12 The Eller Beck Caves - Gretadale
MSG J12 Threlkeld Side Mine Cave - Vale of Eden
MSG J12 Whitfield Gill Cave - Wensleydale

Report 1 (1966)

MSG R1 East Gill Area
MSG R1 Hard Level Gill Cave
MSG R1 Jack Scar Cave
MSG R1 Moking Hurth Area
MSG R1 Swinnergill Area

Report 2 (1967)

MSG R2 Borrowdale Beck Area
MSG R2 Pate Hole
MSG R2 Sargill - Cliffe Force System
MSG R2 Sowan Burn Cave
MSG R2 Swinnergill Cave - Sketch
MSG R2 Trough Scars Cave - Gretadale

Report 3 (1968)

MSG R3 Smeltmill Beck Area

Report 4 (1969)

MSG R4 Blind Gill Cave - Gunnerside Gill
MSG R4 East Gill Cave 1 - Swaledale
MSG R4 Punchard Gill Area
MSG R4 Round Hill Pot - Fossdale
MSG R4 Silver Birch Pot - Punchard Gill

Newsletter 1967

MSG NL67 Gods Bridge Area
MSG NL67 Lynkirk Cave -Stanhope

Newsletter 1974

No Surveys

Other Surveys - Published Separately and Unpublished

MSG 1987 Hartleycleugh Quarry Cave
YURT R2 Smeltmill Beck Cave

Ayleburn Mine Cave

Lunehead Mine and Caverns (inc inserts)