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Published Surveys - North of England

Independent Publications

Meredith(1975) Gaping Gill 75dpi Full
Comp Lancs-Easegill-Link-Pip
Waltham(1970) The Leck Fell Cave Systems Full
Waltham(2011) White Scar Cave Full
Inglesport 2000 Alum Pot and Long Churn
Allonby-Beck (1970) Calf Holes
Stevens (1964) Yordas Cave
Stevens(1964) Washfold Pot
Butterfield Goyden Pot Full
Butterfield Goyden Pot 2 Full
Fitton(1951) Pikedaw Calamine Mine
Atkinson (1949) Lancaster Hole - Montagu Cavern Full
Anon XXXX Caves of How Stean Gorge

Thorp Albert Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp Benscar Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp (2007) Consolation Caves - Attermire Full
Thorp Cocoon and Cannon Caves - Attermire Full
Thorp Fly Hole - Attermire Full
Thorp (2007) Horseshoe Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp (2008) Jubilee Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp Lookout Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp (2007) Lost Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp (2006) Rabbit Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp Spider Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp Victoria Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp Wet Cave - Attermire Full
Thorp (2006) Kelco Caves - Giggleswick Full
Thorp North End Pot - West Kingsdale Full

Gemmel 1939 Jackdaw Hole Full
Gemmel 1939 Little Hull Pot Full
Gemmel 1941 Hull Pot Full
Gemmel 1941 Penyghent Long Churn Full
Gemmell(1941) Hull Pot Full
Gemmell(1945) Henslars Passage and Disappointment Pot Full
Gemmel(1938) Eglins Hole Full
Gemmel(1939) Hunt Pot Full
Gemmel(1946) Pikedaw Caverns Full
Clegg(1982) Natland Pipeline Cave Full
Crosby(1963) Upper Washfold Caves
Cutriss(1904) Jockey Hole and Rift Pot
Davies(1962) Nidd Head Risings
DL Easegill Full
Foley Lost Johns System Full
Huff55 Sleets Gill Full
Nolan Grange Rigg - P5 - Christmas Pot Full
Nolan Ingleborough Cave Full
Nolan2 Ingleborough Cave Full
Simpson(1932) Alum Pot Full
Simpson(1933) White Scar Cavern - Section 2 Full
Simpson(1934) White Scar Cavern - Section 1 Full
Simpson(1934) White Scar Caves Full
Simpson(1934) Pippikin and Nippikin Pots Full
Simpson(1934) Washfold Caves Full
Simpson(1931) Alum Pot (with Nelsons Column) Full
Simpson(1932) Bull Pot of the Witches Full
Stevens Bull Pot of the Witches Full
Warburton(1960) Pate Hole Full
Wilkinson(1965) Pikedaw Caverns Full

ACC (Airedale Caving Club)

ACC NS11 Earl Pot
ACC NS8 Gingling Hole
ACC NS8 Runscar Caves
ACC NS8 Tatham Wife Hole
ACC NS8 Thorns Gill Cave
ACC 1971 Roger Kirk Cave


Anon XXXX Back Lane Quarry Cave - Sketch Full
Anon XXXX Back Lane Quarry Cave Full
Anon XXXX Brown Hill Pot - Elevation Full
Anon XXXX Dow Cave Providence Pot System Full
Anon XXXX Dow Providence System Full
Anon XXXX Grange Rigg Pot Full
Anon XXXX Hale Moss Cave Full
Anon XXXX Homeshaw Cave Full
Anon XXXX Knotts Pot Full
Anon XXXX Lancaster Hole Elevation Full
Anon XXXX Lost Caverns Grassington Moor Full
Anon XXXX Mine Workings - Greenhow Full
Anon XXXX Nippikin and Pippikin Pots Full
Anon XXXX Old Gang Mines Full
Anon XXXX old turf pits Full
Anon XXXX Scoska Cave Full
Anon XXXX Thistle Cave Full
Anon XXXX Victoria and Albert Caves Full

Black Sheep Diggers

BS 1993 Manchester Hole Full
BS 2004 Low Elgins Hole Full
BS 2009 Goyden Pot Extensions Full
BS 2009 Goyden and New Goyden - Compilation Full
BS 2009 The Goyden System Full

BRPC (Black Rose Pothole Club)

BRPC J77 Birkwith Tube Full
BRPC J77 Black Rose Tunnel - Kingsdale Full
BRPC J77 Fountains Fell Digs Full
BRPC J77 Long Gour Cave Full
BRPC J77 Lost Caverns - Storrs Common Full
BRPC J77 Odd bits down KMC Full
BRPC J77 Old Storrs Cave Etc Full
BRPC J77 Storrs Common Full
BRPC 1958 Henning Valley Cave Full
BRPC 1960 Chyner Pot Full
NWURT XXXX Spectacle Pot Full

BSC (Bolton Speleo Club Club)

BSC 19X9 Stainforth Cave - Extracts and Compilations

CM 2010 Calf Holes and Cramp Cave Full
CM 2010 Deaths Head - Big Meanie Full
CM 2010 Gavel Pot Full
CM 2010 Swinsto Hole Full
CM 2010 Bumbling Hole Full
CM 2011 Great Douk Cave - Entrance Series Full

(CNCC) Council of Northern Caving Clubs

Shuttleworth Pot into Witches Cave II (2011)

CNCC Shuttleworth Leck Fell and Witches II
CNCC Shuttleworth Shuttleworth Pot - Bone Locations
CNCC Shuttleworth Shuttleworth Pot - Rigging Guide
CNCC Shuttleworth Witches II and Shuttleworth Pot (POI)
CNCC Shuttleworth Witches II and Shuttleworth Pot

EPC (Earby Pothole Club)

EPC 1959 Casterton Pot
EPC 1962 Casterton Pot
EPC 1971 Lancaster Hole - EPC 71 Series
EPC 1982 Lancaster Hole - EPC71 Ext
EPC 1994 Lower Hardgill Pot

HWCPC (Happy Wanderers Cave and Pothole Club)

HWCPC J1966 Dale Barn Cave
HWCPC J1966 King Pot - Extension
HWCPC J1966 King Pot
HWCPC J1966 Turbary Pot - Kingsdale
HWCPC 1969 Marble Steps Pot

LCC (Leeds Cave Club)

LCC 1931 Alum Pot Area Full
LCC 1931 Alum Pot Sections Full
LCC 1931 Alum Pot Full
LCC 1931 Borrins Moor Cave Full
LCC 1931 Churn to Alum Pot Section Full
LCC 1931 Diccan Section and Upper Long Churn Full
LCC 1931 Ingleborough Geology showing Alum Pot Area Full
LCC 1931 Long Churn with Diccan and Alum Pot Full
LCC 1931 Upper Long Churn Section Full

LCMRS (Lancaster Cave And Mine Research Society)

LCMRS 1968 Brackenthwaite Hole - Morecambe Bay Full
LCMRS 1982 Back Lane Quarry Cave Full


LDSA 1976 Yordas Cave

LUPC (Liverpool University Pothole Club)

LUPC NL-Autumn66 Marble Steps Pot
LUPC NL-Autumn66 Rift Pot
LUPC NL-Spring68 Notts Pot - Centre Route

MCC (Manchester Caving Club)

MCC 1974 Pikedaw Calamine Caverns (MCC)

MMMMMC (Misty Mountain Mud Miners Corporation)

MMMMC 2010 Ireby Rift Low Douk Full
MMMMC 2010 Rumbling Hole Full
MMMMC Dec2010 Ireby-Rift-Large-Low Douk Full
MMMMC 2012 Witches Cave Full

NCMRS (Northern Cave And Mine Research Society)

NCMRS 1960 Escoe Level - Elbolton Hill Mines Full
NCMRS 1961 Manchester Hole Full
NCMRS 1963 Little Hole - Vale of Eden Full
NCMRS 1963 Notts Pot Rigging Diagrams Full

NMCC (North Manchester Caving Club)

NMCC J2 Marble Steps Pot - Maypole Passage
NMCC J2 Saturday Hole

NRCG (North Ribblesdale Caving Group)

NRCG J64 Brans Gill - Horton
NRCG J64 Calf Holes
NRCG J64 Diversion Cave - Penyghent
NRCG J64 Douk Gill
NRCG J64 Fairweather Spring - Fell Close Caves
NRCG J64 Great Bank Gill Pot
NRCG J64 Higher Ling Gill Pot
NRCG J64 Thistle Cave
NRCG J64 Weathercote Cave Area
NRCG J64 Weathercote Cave Sections
NRCG J64 Weathercote Cave

NSG (Northern Speleological Group)

NSG 1969 Aygill Caverns
NSG Aygill Caverns Entrance Series inc Waterfall Inlet

PCC (Preston Caving Club)

PCC 1979 Crescent Pot

PPSG (Preston Polytechnic Speleo Group

PPSG XXXX Pool Sink Full

UWFRA (Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association)

UWFRA Elbolton Pot and Navvy Noodle Hole (1950) Full
UWFRA 1950 Elbolton Pot and Navvy Noodle Hole Full
UWFRA 1950 Yockenthwaite Cave Full
UWFRA 1950 Yockenthwaite Pot Full
UWFRA 1951 Strans Gill Pots Full

(YCC and SCC) York Caving Club and Scarborough Caving Club

Journal Number 1 (1980s to 2010)

YCCSCC J1 Bogg Hall Rising - The Font Digs
YCCSCC J1 Bogg Hall Rising
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Outline Survey
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot - Holy Grail Junction Area
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot - Honey River Series
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot - Lauras Demise
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot - Main Chamber Area
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot - Main Streamway
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot - Parallel Passages Area
YCCSCC J1 Excalibur Pot Area
YCCSCC J1 Guiniveres Slit - Beer Mat Survey
YCCSCC J1 The Well

YURT (Yorkshire Underground Research Team)

YURT R1 Low Eglins
YURT R1 Valentine Hole
YURT R2 Cosh Beck Head Caves
YURT R2 Coverdale - Smaller Caves
YURT R2 Hill Fort Windypit - Boltby
YURT R2 Pendleton Pipe - Greenhow
YURT R2 Sally Grain Cave - Weardale
YURT R2 Slape Gill Caves - Coverdale
YURT R2 Smeltmill Beck Cave
YURT R2 Tutmans Hole - Alston
YURT R2 Upper How Stean Caves - Nidderdale
YURT 1967 Blood Pot - Stump Cross
YURT 1968 Crook Pasture Cave - Upper Wharfedale
YURT 1968 How Stean Caves
YURT 1968 Three Neuks Pot
YURT 1972 Blayshaw Gill Pots