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London University Caving Clubs (LUCC)

Published Surveys - North of England

Journal 1 (Dec 1966)

No surveys

Journal 2 (Mar 1967)

No surveys

Journal 3 (Jun 1967)

LUCC J3 Stump Cross Geology
LUCC J3 Stump Cross Mong - Nomenclature

Journal 4 (Oct 1967)

No surveys

Journal 5 (Jan 1968)

LUCC J5 Lost Johns - Wet Pitch

Journal 6 (Apr 1968)

LUCC J6 Smeltmill Beck Cave - Sketch
LUCC J6 Tatham Wife Hole

Journal 7 (Jun 1968)

LUCC J7 Marble Steps Pot - NW-SE Section
LUCC J7 Marble Steps Pot - SW-NE Section
LUCC J7 Marble Steps Pot
LUCC J7 Rumbling Hole - Section
LUCC J7 Rumbling Hole and Rumbling Beck Cave

Journal 8 (Autumn 1968)

No surveys

Journal 9 (Spring 1969)

No surveys

Journal 10 (Autumn 1969)

LUCC J10 Lost Johns - Lyle Cavern Series

Journal 11 (Spring 1971)

LUCC J11 Gapin Gill - East Passage Aven Series
LUCC J11 Lost Johns - Sink Chamber to Battle Axe

Journal 12 (Winter 1971)

LUCC J12 Lost Johns - High Level Series Large Aven
LUCC J12 Peterson Pot

Journal 13 (Summer 1972)

LUCC J13 Kirk Pot - Ease Gill
LUCC J13 Lost Johns - Maypole Passage
LUCC J13 Rowten Pot - Leak Inlet

Journal 14 (Spring 1973)

LUCC J14 Car Pot - South Craven Passage
LUCC J14 Pippikin Hole - Cross hall Extension

'No surveys' means no surveys of caves in the North of England