About this site

This site represents five ongoing projects:

Project 1 - GPS Locations

A database of accurate GPS positions for all the entrances to the major caves in the Dales caving area, published on the web in a variety of formats for download and for viewing online with Google Maps.

Project 2 - Wide Area Overlay

A low resolution compilation of cave surveys accurately overlayed on Google maps. The Ingleborough area is currently online, other areas are in development

Project 3 - Survey Catalogue

A catalogue of published cave surveys with thumbnail images, organised by publisher and by area

Project 4 - High Resolution Scans

An online repository of high resolution digital scans of cave surveys. This project involves getting permission from the copyright holders, preferably in the form of a Creative Commons license.

Project 5 - Detailed Overlays

A collection of full resolution surveys in the form of transparent overlays for Google Maps or Google Earth

All the projects are ongoing and are at various stages of completion. But whatever stage they are at, hopefully they are of some value so long as the results are shared so that others can use them. It is in this spirit that they are being made available here.