Yorkshire Dales Cave Maps


One day, detailed maps of all of the region's caves will be freely available on the web:

Old cave maps will be available for historians to study. Up to date surveys will be easily accessible for sports cavers to plan their trips. The latest discoveries will be mapped and integrated with existing surveys.

New technologies and cultural shifts will be embraced - the Web, satellite photos, GPS, maps-on-phones, 3d visualisations, on-line collaboration and open source licensing.

This vision will be achieved through the collective efforts of individuals, traditional caving clubs and the emerging on-line communities. Every contribution will build on what has gone before, and in turn will be built upon by those that follow.

CaveMaps.org aims to provide a small contribution towards this vision.




Caves and disused mines can be dangerous.

Do not venture underground unless you have the necesssary knowledge, experience and equipment to do so safely. The maps on this site are not intended as a guide for the would-be explorer. Some of the maps show places that have collapsed or become unsafe to enter.

The creators and contributors of the CaveMaps.org web site accept no liability for any consequences, including personal injury and death, resulting from the use of the material on this site.

Private Property

Most of the caves in in the region are on private property and you will need permission from the landowner before entering them. Further information can be found in the published caving guidebooks and here CNCC.org.uk.

If you would like to find out more about the sport of caving, start here: TryCaving.co.uk.